Please take me to China Lane


China Lane are bounded in the north by the north wall of Chengdu Academy of Painting, in the south by the Jing Alley (“Well Alley” in English), in the east by the Upper Changshun Street and China Lane Street East, and in the west by the Lower Tongren Road and China Lane Street West.

Taxi: Upper Changshun Street taxi pick-up point and Lower Tongren Road taxi pick-up point.

Bus Lines: It is located in the Inner Ring Road and has easy access to public transport facilities, close to People’s Park, Qintai Road, Baihuatan Park, etc. People could take Bus No.5, No. 13, No. 25, No.42, No.47, No.58, No.64, No.78, No.81, No.340, No.93, No.98 and No.43 to go there.

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