About Us

Chengdu Culture & Tourism Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called “CDCTG”) was founded in March of 2007 to implement strategy of “developing great tourism, forming mass industry, incorporating big group” made by Chengdu Municipal Committee & Municipal Government, to deepen culture & tourism system reform, to optimize culture & tourism resources allocation, and to boost culture & tourism industry development. It is a main platform for investment, financing and operation to boost brand-oriented and internationalized Chengdu's culture and tourism.

Entrusted by Chengdu Municipal Government, CDCTG undertakes allocation and expansion of resources, brand establishment, marketing, construction and operation of Chengdu's significant culture and tourism infrastructure, explores various modes for separating ownership from operation rights of state-owned culture and tourism resources, boosts intensive and scale-oriented operation of Chengdu's culture and tourism resources.

As the largest cultural industry group of Chengdu, CDCTG wholly-owned Chengdu Xingwen Investment Co., Ltd, Giant Panda Cultural Industry Development Co., Ltd, Chengdu Culture & Tourism Assets Operation Management Co., Ltd., Chengdu Culture & Tourism Marketing Management Co., Ltd, Chengdu Lantern Show Office. It also owns stock-holding Chengdu Shaocheng Construction Management Co., Ltd, Chengdu Xiling Snow-Caped Mountain Tourism Development Co., Ltd, joint-venture Chengdu IMC East West Culture Tourism Development Co.,Ltd., CDCTG Panda House Marketing And Planning Co., Ltd, and is entrusted to operate Chengdu Industrial Civilization Museum.
Responsibility Loyal Ability CDCTG always assemble people by its great cause, and attract people by flexible mechanism, gather people by excellent culture, help people successful by opportunities. CDCTG has high-level leaders who know everything about policy, and enterprises' elites who are good at management and control of projects, as well as talents from foreign enterprises who are familiar with international market operation rules. CDCTG gathers all advantages and concentrates a high-efficiency team with high cultural level and wide professional knowledge. CDCTG is engaged in transforming the highest professional knowledge and practical experience into industrial action that is consistent with Chengdu's international culture and tourism strategy.

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